EMA – European Manipuri Association


Welcome to the European Manipuri Association website. The association was officially inaugurated at a meeting held in Sheffield, United Kingdom on the 23rd of September 2001. Before the association was founded, Manipuris across the United Kingdom had been meeting informally on various Manipuri festive occasions. At the 2001 gathering, it was felt that an association would help in bringing together all interested Manipuris residing in Europe so that modest contributions could be made to the development of Manipur. This resulted in the foundation of EMA. Today, EMA enjoys a healthy membership from several countries in Europe.

EMA is a voluntary, strictly non-political, non-profit-making organisation with limited funds. It is primarily dedicated to supporting the development of social and cultural infrastructures in Manipur. It also aims to provide guidance and assistance to Manipuris coming to Europe for further studies, or to take up employment. In Europe, EMA is devoted to sustaining a sense of unity among all Manipuris living in Europe. The association seeks to promote and coordinate cultural, educational, and communal activities that are traditionally and culturally significant to the people of Manipur. The official aims and objectives of the organisation are set out in the constitution.

EMA membership is open to all Manipuris residing in Europe, whether permanently or temporarily, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or religion. EMA membership is also open to spouses and families of Manipuri members. We warmly welcome new members wherever they may be in Europe. The association is run by an honorary committee, elected biennially. The executive committee, in addition to their official responsibilities, organise the annual meeting. These meetings are held in different regions within the United Kingdom. The association also hosts a restricted, members-only Yahoo! discussion group, where key issues are frequently communicated and discussed.

To get in touch with us, please send an email to ema_europe(at)yahoo(dot)com. We thank you for your interest in EMA.