The Constitution

The European Manipuri Association is:

  1. A non-sectarian, non-political, non-profit making organisation.
  2. It is run by elected voluntary office bearers for a term agreed by members.
  3. It comprises of Manipuris of all walks of life irrespective of gender, religion, nationality and ethnicity.
  4. Membership is open to:
    1. All Manipuris and their spouses of any nationality and children.
    2. Any non-Manipuri who has strong affiliation to Manipur and shares EMA’s aims and objectives.
  5. Structure:
    1. Chairperson: to be selected or elected from a senior member living in Europe.
    2. Secretary: to be selected or elected from a junior member living in Europe.
    3. There is provision for later expansion depending on circumstances.
    4.  – Amendment 1
          It was agreed in September 2002 EMA annual meeting that a treasurer be appointed to the committee. It was also agreed that the committee members should serve a two years term.
    5.  – Amendment 2
          It was agreed in August 2002 EMA annual meeting that a web master should be appointed to the committee. Also that each committee member should serve for a two years term and that 2 committee members should be replaced each year (except for the anomaly in 2005.)
  6. Aims and Objectives:
    1. To unite and strengthen bonds amongst all Manipuris living in Europe.
    2. To counsel and support Manipuris seeking to obtain higher education in Europe, financially if feasible.
    3.  – Amendment 3
          It was noted in August 2002 EMA annual meeting that EMA was not in a position to support Manipuri students financially or to sponsor Visas.
    4. To work towards a united, peaceful and prosperous Manipur.
    5. To work towards bringing a better education to Manipuri students in Manipur by counselling.
    6. To work for the development of Manipur, wherever possible.
  7. Activities:
    1. To register members by every possible means.
    2. To circulate information about EMA.
    3. To liaise and exchange information with other sister Manipuri Associations abroad.
    4. To meet at regular intervals.
    5. To engage in fund raising activities.
    6. To enlighten and promote our culture and heritage.
    7. To plan and organise socio-cultural gatherings.
    8. To organise an annual meeting, social gathering and dinner.
  8. The constitution may be modified as and when deemed necessary after a majority vote.

Below amendments were made/added during the General body Meeting held on 23rd May 2015 at Worcestershire, Birmingham

Rights and Obligations of members.
1.       Members are obliged to pay annual fees prescribed by EMA from time to time.
2.       Only member who pays annual membership fees shall have the right to stand for election for any of the posts in the Executive Committee of EMA.
3.       Only members who pay annual membership fees shall have the right to ask the Executive Committee about its accountability regarding the affairs and administration of the organization, EMA.
Rights and Authorities of the Executive Committee.
1.       EMA’s Executive Committee shall have the rights to moderate any communication in the official group emailing in the interest of EMA members’ peaceful co-existence.
2.       Executive Committee shall be the first point of contact in case of any grievances against any members or EC.
3.       Unless a matter is of high urgency that warrants an EGM (Extraordinary General Body Meeting), the same shall be discussed at the AGM (Annual General Body Meeting) cum social gathering.
Adding two official post to the Executive Committee of EMA.
1.       As Manipur is symbolized by her rich cultural background, EMA shall have a CULTURAL SECRETARY.
2.       Manipur is an epitome of sports in India, and sports promote peace, harmony and integrity. From this perspective, EMA shall have a SPORTS SECRETARY in addition to the earlier three office bearer, namely, Chairperson, Secretary, Finance and IT.
3.       As a part of the team, a general coordinator shall also be appointed by the EC if it considers it necessary.
Term of the office bearers.
1.       Term of all the office bearers will remain 2 years .
2.       The term of any successor/replacement of any prematurely relinquished executive committee members shall be deemed to have started on the day his/her immediate predecessor was elected as EC member.
3.       Any new committee members elected or appointed during the tenure of an EC Committee shall last only till the end of the incumbent EC’s tenure or his/her resignation, whichever is earlier.

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