7th EMA Annual Social Gathering 17th to 19th August 2007 – Snowdonia, Wales

EMA 7th Annual get-together at Snowdonia National Park, Wales, UK
– 17th to 19th August 2007 –

The 7th annual get-together of the European Manipuri Association (EMA) was held in Wales, UK from 17th to 19th August 2007. This year’s gathering recorded the biggest turnout since EMA was formed with over 60 people including families and children from across the UK, and parts of Europe, attending the event. In spite of the traffic problems and the very British wet weather, the enthusiasm and the team spirit showed by EMA members and well wishers made the gathering a huge success and a memorable one. A variety of home delicacies were sampled and consumed with relish. The hills echoed with laughter and merriment as many participated in games and activities like “chaphu thugaibee” and “ching kaba”. The get-together truly generated a feeling of oneness and created an atmosphere of a ‘home away from home’.

It was business as usual on 18th August 2007 when members and well-wishers gathered for the Annual EMA General Body Meeting. All new members and well-wishers were warmly welcomed. The outgoing chairperson Dr. Shachi Gurumayum thanked founding member Pabung A K Sinha for his vision and support. He also highlighted the individual contributions made by members Santosh Sougrakpam, Dr Bishwajeet Elangbam in laudable projects such as “radiomanipur.com” and funga wari and painting competitions (although these were not conducted under the aegis of EMA). Members discussed ways of strengthening EMA as an organisation and welcomed concerted efforts from members and well-wishers. During the meeting, new office bearers of EMA were elected namely, Dr Bisharda Angom as Chairperson, Dr Linthoi Akoijam as General Secretary, Mr. Dinesh Huidrom as Treasurer and Dr G Yaikhom as Webmaster. Dr. Angom thanked the outgoing office bearers, Dr. Shachi Gurumayum, Dr Bishwajeet Elangbam, Mr. James Vaiphei and Mr Santosh Sougrakpam for their valuable contributions to EMA and for organising the biggest EMA get together ever. She also called for greater involvement of members of the wider Manipuri diaspora across Europe in EMA. The new office bearers have embarked on a rigorous review of past and ongoing projects with a view to progress some with renewed energy and to weed out a few. The gathering ended in a positive note with everyone looking forward to meet again in 2008.

In celebration of the appointment of a whole new group of office bearers, EMA is pleased to announce a pledge of a sum of Rs 8000 to the ‘Royal Riders of Manipur’, a group of enthusiastic Royal Enfield riders led by Mr Alex Zingkhai. Members of this club combines rides to far flung villages of Manipur with charitable activities such as conducting free medical camps, and whose motto is ‘Serving with Adventure’.

General Secretary
Dr. Linthoi Akoijam
European Manipuri Association (EMA)