5th EMA Annual Social Gathering 2005 – Southall London, England

European Manipuri Association,

Dated: 28th July 2005
United Kingdom


The annual get-together of members and well wishers of the European Manipuri Association was recently held at Southall, London on the 23rd of July 2005. In spite of the unfortunate events in London, around 40 individuals, some of them Manipuries in traditional attires, attended the gathering recreating a home away from home.

The meeting started with a reflection on the current social environment in Manipur. Members emphasized the value and importance of promoting the age-old bonding and harmony among all peoples of Manipur, which has become one of the hallmarks of this association. The gathering also discussed the importance of promoting sports and value based education to uplift the morale of the youth and provide assistance for the orphaned and needy children.

The attendees thanked the outgoing office bearers for their selfless contributions and the programs which they have initiated, worked on, and promoted towards bringing people of Manipur in Europe and beyond together with a vision for a prosperous peaceful Manipur. Under their leadership, EMA achieved tremendous success in implementing education for children in rural areas, raising awareness of issues affecting Manipur, and raising contributions through various humanitarian donations.

EMA has also played a vital role in providing guidance and support to new arrivals to Europe and has helped strengthen the bond of unity amongst all ethnic groups. EMA members have also been regular attendees in events featuring Manipuri football players and artists and, following London’s successful Olympic bid, look forward to welcoming athletes from Manipur and other parts of India in the 2012 Olympics.

Members also took the opportunity of the get-together to elect new office bearers of the association with Dr. Biswajeet Elangbam being elected as the new General Secretary. Details of other elected members and a list of EMA’s portfolio of activities can be found on www.ema-europe.org. EMA looks forward to widening the ever growing family and request and welcome people
of Manipur across Europe to be part of this platform. Finally, the new committee would like to appeal to all concerned to consider humanitarian values, and find an amicable and non-violent solution as soon as possible to the present impasse, caused by the economic blockade, and to bring an end to the sufferings of the innocent people of Manipur.

Dr. Biswajeet Elangbam,
General Secretary,
European Manipuri Association
London United Kingdom