2nd EMA Annual Social Gathering 2002 – Sheffield, England

Press Release

Contact: General Secretary,
The European Manipuri Association, UK.
Website: http://www.ema-europe.org
Email: ema_europe@yahoo.co.uk

The European Manipuri Association (EMA) Annual Meeting – 2002

The second annual EMA meeting was held on the 21st of September 2002 in Sheffield (UK), hosted by Dr. A. K. Sinha and his family. During the meeting, members discussed various issues faced by people in Manipur and how EMA can be part of the solution. The once in a year get-together also gave an opportunity for all Manipuris in Europe to come together and get to know each other. This year, nearly 25 members attended. During the course of the meeting various issues were raised and taken up for discussion. The following were discussed and agreed:
1) Remembrance: The meeting started off with a one minute silence in remembrance of tamo Jayanta Tayengjam, who passed away in London this year.
2) EMA website: To enable easier information sharing and to reach a wider audience across the globe, a decision was made to launch a new dedicated EMA website. The name of the website is yet to be finalised.
3) Mentorship programme: A programme to provide mentorship or guidance to Manipuri students who wish to study in Europe was discussed. Members who are trained in different areas have agreed to assist in such a programme as and when the situation arises.
4) Inner Line Permit and Restricted Area Permit: Members also discussed the restrictions and problems caused by the above laws to people of the state, in particular to those who have taken up foreign citizenships. A decision was made to further investigate these issues and urge the Govt. of India via politicians and the news media to change these laws. In due course, a memorandum will be submitted to the Govt. of Manipur in this regard. Members also agreed to work with other non-European Manipuris to further this cause.
5) EMA Fund and Membership Fee: Members contributed generously to the newly set up EMA fund. There was also a general agreement on the need to donate regularly to this fund, to make some difference in the lives of the people of Manipur by making use of it during emergencies. The fund will be stored safely until a referendum is passed to use it. Mrs. G. Nongthomba was elected as the treasurer to look after the fund.
6) Diversity: Members also unanimously decided to reach out to other ethnic groups of the state to reflect the multicultural society that Manipur is.