EMA Meeting on 21st Septmber 2002

European Manipuri Association (EMA) Meeting
The European Manipuri Association was formed on the 20th of August 2001 and comprises of both Manipuri students and professionals residing in Europe. Following the success of the first meeting held last year, a second meeting has been proposed to bring together persons of Manipuri origin and those with an interest in Manipur. More information on EMA can be obtained at http://www.ema-europe.org
The next meeting of the European Manipuri Association will be held on Saturday, the 21st of September 2002 and will be hosted by Dr. Amar Sinha in Sheffield, England. Attendees over 18 years of age will be requested to contribute a sum of GBP 5 to meet the expenses incurred by Dr. Sinha’s family in hosting the event. Furthermore, a donation box will also be available for members to contribute towards setting up an EMA fund for use in charitable and developmental projects in Manipur. Besides reopening the positions of the Chairperson and the General Secretary for re-elections, a Treasurer will also be elected on the day.
Interested parties are requested to email EMA at ema_europe@yahoo.co.uk so that an estimate of the number of attendees can be made. Interested parties living in EU countries will be provided accommodation in various family homes.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that this second meeting will be another great success.
Yours sincerely,
Shachi Gurumayum,
General Secretary,
European Manipuri Association.